You and your team of elite puzzle-solving operatives from the SGPH Foundation make up Mobile Task Force Epsilon-22. Your unit has been activated to set forth to the small rural town of Montauk to investigate a number of scary puzzling entities that have been spotted together with the discovery of a strange anomaly.

Your mission is four-fold: Solve. Gather. Protect. Hold.

Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2022

Saturday 16 July 2022
12pm kick-off online
(solving can continue with limited support until Sunday 24 July 2022 midnight)

The 2022 hunt is over

The Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2022 was Stranger Puzzles.
Teams are elite puzzle-solving operatives Mobile Task Force Epsilon-22 from the SGPH Foundation sent to investigate a strange anomaly discovered at the small rural town of Montauk.

Congrats to Eggplant Parms for being the first team to complete the Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2022 on Sun 17 July 7.41pm! Thanks to all teams and solvers for taking part, we hope you had fun!

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