You have have been sentenced and incarcerated for a terrible crime. But your fellow inmates may provide the means to your salvation.

Will you be able to learn enough from them to escape and earn your redemption?

Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2019

Saturday, 6 July 2019
12pm - 6pm
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1

The 2019 hunt is over

The Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2019 was The Puzzleville Redemption. Solvers were sentenced and incarcerated in the Puzzleville State Penitentiary, and had to solve puzzles set by fellow inmates to escape and earn their redemption.

6 July 2019 - A big thank you to all teams and solvers for taking part in the hunt and making this event possible. We hope you had fun! You can check the Epilogue for a hunt recap, Puzzles for the solutions, and Teams for a summary of the solve statistics.

Singapore Puzzle Hunt participants at the 2019 hunt kick-off