A puzzling incident. A perplexing disappearance. An enigmatic problem. The clues have been gathered, but I will need a team of puzzle solvers to help me this time.

Will you join me to solve this baffling mystery?

Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2017

Saturday, 8 July 2017
12pm - 6pm
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1

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The 2017 hunt is over

The Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2017 was The Final Puzzle. Teams were invited by Dr Watson to help solve a murder mystery and the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes.

8 July 2017 - The mystery has been solved with the help of Team Tricky, who completed the hunt first at 5:12pm! Random Invaders and SGoats also completed the hunt. A big thank you to all teams and solvers for taking part in the hunt and making this event possible. We hope you had fun! You can check the hunt Epilogue for a recap, Puzzles for the solutions, and Teams for a summary of the solve statistics.

Singapore Puzzle Hunt participants at the 2017 hunt kick-off

Team Tricky with Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and their souvenir books after finishing the Runaround