The Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2015 was Alice's Adventures in Singapore. Teams were invited by the White Rabbit to help him find Alice, who had inadvertently ended up in Singapore instead of Wonderland.

I looked at my watch. Oh dear, it is getting way too late. I have to find her soon and to do that, I will need more help. There are many clues along the way, but I need a group of hunters who are really good at puzzles to solve this mystery.

Will you help me?

Singapore Puzzle Hunt

Sunday 12 July 2015
1pm to 7pm
SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business

First time in Singapore! A puzzle game modelled after famous international puzzle hunts.
Crack a series of challenging cryptic puzzles to solve the mystery. Think you have got what it takes?

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12 July 2015 - Congrats to team YeohMen for finding Alice and helping to recover the book she was carrying. A big sincere thank you to all teams and solvers for taking part in the hunt and making this event possible. All of you have done great in your first puzzle hunt!

YeohMen with Alice after helping the White Rabbit to find her and her book

Singapore Puzzle Hunt participants at the hunt kick-off

1 July 2015 - Registration is now closed.

More information will be emailed to all participants before the day of the event.